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May 29th, 2010

Oak Monitor Stands

I made these for a pair of 15” inch monitors that came without stands. They are made with some scrap 1×4 oak and 1/4 inch MDF. The two pieces of the base are pocket screwed together. The vertical arm is also screwed in from the bottom. The MDF fits in the square inset that would otherwise be filled in with the stock stand. The MDF square attaches to the monitor using the 4 screw holes that are present to accept an aftermarket 100×100 millimeter VESA wall mount. The wood hinge is somewhat problematic because when the wood shrinks the carriage bolt has to be tightened to keep the screen from flopping downward. I tried a small knob instead of a nut on the carriage bolt. The problem was that it couldn’t be tightened hard enough by hand. A knob with a longer handle to get more leverage would be necessary. I didn’t think that would look good, so I just gave up and went back with a nut. So I just have to grab a wrench when it needs tightening.320782