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April 10th, 2012

Outdoor Bar

Here is my attempt at an outdoor bar/kitchen. The area that it is in is semi-sheltered from the weather which basically means it does not get rained on directly. The dimensions are 64” x 25” The carcass is 3/4” plywood that is skinned with OSB siding which has a very convincing wood grain look. The door panels are 1×4 select pine rails and stiles joined with stub tenons and attached with euro hinges. The door panel is the same OSB siding for a consistent look across the front. The tiles are adhered with thin-set to a cement board screwed to plywood underlay and wrapped with more select pine as the edging.The sink is provided with hot and cold water and drainage by way of a window well/vent window into the basement where there just so happened to be supply/drainage connections from a long gone slop sink. There was also an external GFCI outlet on the wall that is now covered up. It provides power to the mini-fridge and weather-resistant outlets on each side of the cabinet. I know all of this is by no means code legal, but I don’t care since it is for my enjoyment, not the next occupants.