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May 15th, 2013

Outdoor planter boxes with matching Pergola

Actually it was the other way around. My Pergola had seen its better days so I replaced the beams and the perpendicular boards. That was a project all on its own. Just the pre-staining of the boards took several evenings. But when it was finally done, I was left with a decent pile of already stained cedar 1×4 cut-offs. So after thinking what I could build with them, the result was these planter boxes.

I first went to orange and picked up the plastic ‘liners’ and made the whole project to fit around them. The top frames are mitered and biscuited together. The vertical members of the case are two boards biscuited together to make a corner that is 2 inches wide across both faces. The rest of the case is done with pocket screw joints. The paneling boards are rabbeted on the top and bottom to fit against the frame and then glued and pin nailed onto the frame. The supports holding up the plastic liners are cedar 2×4s that were left over from another project and pocket screwed and glued to the frames on three sides. I had put in pocket holes to hold the top frame on but unfortunately there was no way to use them. So I ended up having to face screw the top frames in place.

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May 8th, 2013

Portable Air Filter

I have been wanting to make an air filter for a while. I couldn’t find a design that I liked until recently. The ones with multiple 1” filters and all the frames to hold said filters in place was more work than I wanted to put into this project. I finally found this one and knew that I had a design that made sense for me. So here it is. I originally wanted to hang it from the ceiling but this presented some major challenges. First I would have had to go up in the attic and sister some 2by lumber to my 1by rafters to have a strong enough place to anchor some eye screws. The second problem that I saw was that with the filter pointing downwards, some dust might fall out after turning the blower off that would pile up and then have to be cleaned up. So at the last second, I found some small casters in the drawer and put them on. Everything else is pretty basic just a 5/8” plywood box, biscuited together. The frame is made of window casing that is also biscuited and held on by a piano hinge and two draw catches. The filter is 20” x 25” x 4”. A 1 hour mechanical timer controls the motor.


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May 4th, 2013

Child’s step stool/seat

I made this step stool/seat for my niece for her first birthday. It is made out of poplar and painted. My mom got the letters and stars and painted them. I secured them with pin nails and some glue.

The plan is from the August 2010 issue of Popular Woodworking.