Weber Q Rolling Cart

I made this so my Weber Q 120 would have a place to sit. The stock carts were not suiting my tastes so I made my own out of dimensional Cedar. The cart is overall 29.5” tall. The top frame is 22”x14” and the bottom frame is 29”x14”. The legs are angled at 10 degrees. The slats are 1×3 cedar, rough sawn on the exposed side. There is a support brace in the middle of the bottom frame so that it can hold the weight of a 20# propane tank if I decide to go that route.

6 Month update (third picture): I finally put on a few finishing touches. I made a handle out of some scrap cedar. I applied a UV protecting deck stain that is clear with a cedar tint. I also went with a propane tank because the little bottles were always running out.




Edit: Some pictures of the underside as requested.