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February 25th, 2012

Tool cabinet organizer

This is my version the open storage divider rack cabinets that are seen in many workshops. Typically these are mounted on the wall and hold nail guns and drills for quick grab-and-go usage. I don’t have room on my walls, but I still needed something similar as I got tired of all the fumbling around that I had to do in order to retrieve a tool from my cabinet. They were previously stored in their plastic ‘road cases’ and then piled into this cabinet. This was no fun because I had to pull out the plastic case and then remove the tool. The plastic case was then in the way for the duration of the time that I was using the tool. Valuable shop time was being lost!

Enter this solution… It was made from some basic 1/2” plywood. A little bit of dado-ing, glue, and a few pins to hold it together was all that was necessary to construct this. It is actually made in two pieces to facilitate getting it into the cabinet. I had to remove the top shelf completely, drop the second shelf down, insert the two cubes and then put the top shelf back in. The cubes were screwed together and then held up while I re-positioned the shelf that they sit on back into place.

Now I have a place for my most used air/small power tools with incredibly easy access.. The plastic ‘road cases’ are now down in the basement for the .1% of the time that I actually need to take the show on the road.