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August 20th, 2013

Hexagon Birdhouses

After building some planter boxes with the cut-offs from my pergola project, I was left with a smaller pile of cedar 1×4 off-fall. Although I had to stare at the pile all summer in the garage, I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw it all in the burn box. So I decided to build some birdhouses.The problem was the boards were too small to make a standard rectangular shaped birdhouse box. The solution was a to make them hexagon shaped. Now the pile of cedar is gone and some birds will have a home.





August 9th, 2013

Chuck Box (Part 2 – Heavyweight Class)

While researching Chuck Boxes before my previous build, I came across another interesting design. This one was more like a toy box, but had dividers to hold the various stoves and lanterns. And as the author put it: ”…somehow a plastic tub filled with old classic equipment seemed….wrong.” This got me thinking about the box of old Coleman stoves and lanterns tucked away in the basement at my parents house. So I decided that those items needed a better place to live that would double as protection in the event that they are ever to be transported and used again.

So here it is. Just a box made of pine 1×4 boards that are biscuited and glued together. The top and bottom are salvaged cedar boards. The divider is just some 1/2” plywood. The finish is tung oil and the hinges are “trunk hinges” from menards.

The green Coleman stove and lantern are my dad’s and the other stove and lantern were my grandfather’s. The only downside of this project is that is HEAVY -as in almost a two man lift. Other than that I am happy with the way it turned out.

Link to the box that inspired mine: